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What Is School Interactive System

School Interactive System (SIS) is a breakthrough system that allows Headmaster, Teachers, Students & Parents to communicate, interact and also act as a platform to learn and to know each other better. It is an effective and efficient system in school management and supervision of students. The system provides structured access to course documentation and learning materials, as well as enhanced communication facilities and other tools such as online assessments.
What We Do

School Interactive System

We bring positive difference into our education world. Introducing School Interactive System (SIS), a procedure breakthrough that will transform the organisation of preschool, primary and secondary institutions throughout Asia.


School Interactive System

is to Inspire Positive School Interactive provides a healthy and growing communication bond between staff, parents and students. We hope that our services will become the largest education holding company for school interactive system in Southeast Asia.


School Interactive System

Our mission is to use technologies to pave the way for parents and children to have borderless distance communication. To achieve that, EDUDIOS introduces an education system service to all schools.


Our children’s future depends on the education they receive in school. It is important that we create a good environment and system for them to study.


To improve the entire national education system, it is mandatory that our structure has diverse functions stemming from school reports to the last word of a textbook.

Operating System

All schools that signed up with us will operate under the School Interactive System (SIS) with all of their data stored and protected in our database.


We do this by designing and developing a mobile app, that support all the school management and student supervision across the region especially in Southeast Asia.

Mobile App

The mobile app will then run on our School Interactive System (SIS) in an effective and efficient method.


What Is School Interactive System

Back in 2014, a headmaster approached us of his issues faced in school. He was seeking for a developer that could bring a new method for the education management. It was during this meeting that the idea of an interactive school systems born. Thus, EDUDIOS was founded. With the successful implementation of the school system into our database, we soon launched the earlier version of the School Interactive System (SIS) application for interested schools. As of today, we have more than 300 institutions that has signed up with us and over 300,000 of customer base in our system.

School Interactive System

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